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Don't Shoot Me!!!! WM6.5

Ok, been looking over the posts for hours looking for an answer to my question. So please don't flame me for asking. Not new to flashing ROMS, but had planned to never do it again once I got a new HTC Diamond from Telus here in Ontario. Well after having numerous problems, the Telus tech hinted for me to goto this site and reflash with a better rom. Well I did and have never looked back - Thanks all those who cook ROMS!!!!. Ok, here is my question, I used Mighty's ROM which was quite amazing!, I am now using da-reesee's 6.5 and so far working quite well.. actually spot on!!.

So always wanting to have the most stable and best, if anyone could let me know which would be the most stable 6.5 I could use for my Telus CDMA HTC Touch Diamond I would be grateful.... I did look.

Thanks again... Also, Da-Reese, if you are reading this, perhaps let us know when you plan to come out with a new ROM... Appreciate it folks.

OK I am done...
Which ROM to use next?
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