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Re: phone only half working!!!!

Originally Posted by beng2k View Post
its funny, I have to slow probolem to where everything works really really slow, sometimes after a flash it wont sync with exchange for over 12 hours. I just wake up in the morning and its all synced but wouldnt for hours. Touchflo3d was useless and wouldnt even load.

For some reason the only roms that seem to be responsive and not hang/crash/screw up are the newer 6.5 builds.

I tried exchanging it with Telus but theyre all douches and say its water damaged even though the phone has not seen a drop of water.
Have you flashed back to the shipped rom and done a hard reset? I dont actually buy that the guys at telus say your phone has water damage. There stickers on your phone that indicate water damage. little ones with red lines. they turn completely red if the get wet at all. People in the cell business typically know this. So either your phone really did get wet... or your are making that part up. Regardless flash to the shipped telus rom, do a hard reset. flash to the rom of your choice and do another hard reset. Make sure that you set up everything ok.

good luck dont get ur phone wet
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