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Re: phone only half working!!!!

Originally Posted by zeeyo987 View Post
i got it to flash to reborn again, everything looked great i used the clear storage button in the settings to format and reinstall everything but after doing that and reseting the phone my internal storage is like 100 mb and isnt even the second drive it used to be, now its a subfolder to the device main memory, any ideas how to fix this, thanks guys
Ok - for clarification you have an HTC diamond.... and not an HTC touch pro right? its easy to get them confused. hint: if you have a slide out keyboard you are in the wrong thread.

if you have an HTC diamond: i said hard reset using the "buttons" method.. you used what I would call the software method. Cant remember exactly how to do it but I think you have to press (volume down, enter btn (thats the circle), soft reset and the pwr button) all at once. If you get it right you'll get a white screen asking you to press volume up to confirm.

Make sure that you flash back to stock rom, before you do that tho. Do not overlook the importance in doing that.


EDIT: May have miss read your post: what are you looking at when you see the subfolder? for example when i look at the root folder structure in File Explorer it looks as though internal storage is a subfolder and is only part of the 100mb device memory. It isn't, its actually entire 4 gigs.

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