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Re: phone only half working!!!!

Originally Posted by halljm View Post
I as well had some issues after flashing the same rom on a Telus phone.
1) worked GREAT for about a day, then would lose connection intermittantly.
2) on day 2 the outgoing email would not work at all then the phone wouldnt work either.
3) on day 2 it would no longer sync with pc.
Please keep in mind I did nothing to it after flashing mightyrom 4R3BORN, it perhaps may be something with Telus because as soon as I re-flashed it to the stock Telus Rom it worked once again ... just a lot slower than the 4R3BORN Rom.
perhaps someone has an idea on what may have gone wrong I would like to use the Mighty rom again but not if i have to reflash every second day.

Thanks in advance

Telus has nothing to do with it. Mighty himself uses Telus I believe, even if he didn't there are several hundred users of his rom that only experience the typical bugs. Out of curiosity did you flash from the storage or did you flash from the "sync" method?

Here is what i would do... flash back to shipped Telus ROM. Clear your internal storage (Back it up somewhere if you like first) then Hardreset using the button's method. Then flash to ROM of your choice, do another hard reset (either the button method or Clear Storage". It will probably work fine after than.

I flashed a new rom via the internal storage and experienced nothing but problems I used the method above and I'm back to good (for now).

good luck
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