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please help, do i have a memory leak problem?

my mogul is brand new and i have installed some software and i have delete some which i thought were not usefull. right i have installed spb mobile (really nice and i really need it) weatherpanel, x button (1.5 version), pocket contact, and a few theme.

NOW the problem is that i have to soft reset my mogul every day about 3 times, not because it freeze but because when i check my memory, i'm around 7mb left without no program running in taskbar. when i soft reset i always have around 20mb ram, no programs open, but after some use in about 30 minutes i'm around 9-7mb, i have check that when i close a program it does not bring back 100% of the memory it was using. do i have a memory leak and do u guys recomend a clean hard reset (i was thinking about this) i also have a lot of registry tweaks i have done.

thanx and please help out.
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