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Re: Troubleshooting the internet

Originally Posted by garyflynn View Post
I'm running db_rom, wm6.5 with titanium, no touchflo and titaniumweather set to update every four hours or so.

I'm not sure which radio I ended up with, either the Telus or the Sprint 1.11 (how do I check?)

Recently, it looks like my internet connection just goes out after some amount of time. Then the next time titaniumweather tries to update I get "cannot connect to the internet for an unknown reason".

Once the internet error is thrown, I can verify that I really cannot reach the internet by trying to open a page with opera, which gives me the same error.

A soft reset fixes this temporarily, but eventually the internet stops connecting. What I mean by that is after a soft reset, I can reach the internet with either opera or titaniumweather. A few hours later though, I cannot.

How should I go about figuring out what is wrong with the internet? I'd rather not hard reset if possible. But I did not have this problem for at least the first few days after flashing this rom.
Internet not working? Possible Fixes!! try this see if it helps. That's happended to me before. I used what they told me with a reg edit and it fixed the problem.
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