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Troubleshooting the internet

I'm running db_rom, wm6.5 with titanium, no touchflo and titaniumweather set to update every four hours or so.

I'm not sure which radio I ended up with, either the Telus or the Sprint 1.11 (how do I check?)

Recently, it looks like my internet connection just goes out after some amount of time. Then the next time titaniumweather tries to update I get "cannot connect to the internet for an unknown reason".

Once the internet error is thrown, I can verify that I really cannot reach the internet by trying to open a page with opera, which gives me the same error.

A soft reset fixes this temporarily, but eventually the internet stops connecting. What I mean by that is after a soft reset, I can reach the internet with either opera or titaniumweather. A few hours later though, I cannot.

How should I go about figuring out what is wrong with the internet? I'd rather not hard reset if possible. But I did not have this problem for at least the first few days after flashing this rom.
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