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Wifi tool - wifimonster via xda-devs - xda page, homepage for the app is listed in the first post of the thread ^^ - this app shows hidden networks etc. Pretty nice visually and easy to use as well imo.

Originally Posted by m0n5ter[/url
Hey guys!
Since all of you here are quite experienced, I'd like you to check out and comment my in-progress work.
I'm writing yet another WiFi discovery tool (like Hitchhiker or WiFi companion).

Today I'm on a very early stage:
  • Many things are just not working
  • No autoconnect. Just manual mode
What i've got:
  • It can turn WiFi on and off
  • It shows current WiFi status
  • It shows a list of nearby networks
  • It connects all types of networks (including WEP, WPA, WPA2, hidden, open, etc.) in manual mode
  • It is finger friendly
  • It is on AppToDate
  • It supports VGA, wide screens, landscape mode, and it looks nice after all
Please give me your feedback (including concerns regarding English grammar used, since I'm Russian)

looks pretty neat imho. Nice work on the app.

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