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beware slide2unlock memory leak on mogul...

i have a few software install but my system run smooth. after installing slide2unlock latest version (1.21 with ilock fix) my memory went down the hill and my system start it running sluggish. i tried both registry for Slide2unlock with the "closeap 0 and 1 (0 take more memory 5mg to keep it open and 1 doesnt take any memory cause it always close the program). i watched my memory after a soft reset being in 20mg, after locking and unlocking, doing some call opening setting etc. my memory went down to 4mg memory and this was with the registry in 1 (closeapp) which doesn't take the xtra 5mg. after unistalling the software and doing the same, my memory stays around 17mg and doesn't drop unless i NOW start using explores messenger, camera. so to me slide2unlock was a great software but it has the memory leak problem.
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