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Re: Bluetooth Auto-Connect?

As far as I can tell (and I'm not fully clear on this) what you want is for your phone to connect automatically with whatever a DC800 is (which sounds as if it's probably some sort of bluetooth headset or something, right?) whenever you turn the DC800 on and are in range.

The way to do this is to pair the DC800 with your Touch Pro, then LEAVE BLUETOOTH RUNNING ON YOUR TP ALL THE TIME. This will, of course, kill your phone battery in no time. However, it will allow the devices to connect whenever they are in range. If the bluetooth radio on your phone is off, there is no physically possible way for it to know that there's a bluetooth device that it can connect with.

Overall, it's worth it to me to turn on the phone's bluetooth radio whenever I need it to connect because that saves considerable battery. One way to do this is to use G-Profile and set up a bluetooth profile that you can select easily using the program pane.

If you mean something else by "every time I turn the BT on" it might help to clarify.
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