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Re: [Sprint] Ring & Vibrate no longer sticks

Originally Posted by a_medina626 View Post
Just extracted the .RGU file from his ROM. He has the following value cooked into it:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\{A877 D65A-239C-47a7-9304-0D347F580408}]
"Default"="Messaging: New e-mail message"

I have had roms not let me change cooked settings before so this might be the case. They always seem to revert back after a hard reset. This might be the case for you if you change it and it doesn't stick.
would this cause the intermitent problem i am noticing. perfect example happened today. got work and set my phone to vibrate. got push email all morning long and my phone did not vibrate when i recieved an email. got one phone call and the phone vibrated. after recieving that one phone call the i next couple of emails i received the phone vibrated after that it stopped vibrating for emails. i realize under sounds and notifications that i can set it to both ring and vibrate so when i set the volume level to vibrate it will vibrate on all new email. but this is just a bit of a puzzler for me. i used the stock rom for 3 months. and for 3 months i set the phone to vibrate when i got to work. after i flashed to a custom rom (btw - i am loving the rom...dont get me wrong) the push email notification is intermitent when i have the phone just set to vibrate.

anyway...i sure do apprecate your thoughts.
You live and learn....just hope you don't brick it!!!
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