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Few questions about Windows Mobile 6.5

I'm currently running MightyRom 4.8 and It doesn't seem as if there with be a release of 5 for the Diamond anytime soon. So i was wondering what you guys think is the BEST 6.5 rom out there. I have not tried any of the roms yet because I don't want to risk bricking my phone without knowing if it's a rom worth the trouble.But I also have a few questions about 6.5 itself.

1. Can TF3D be used with 6.5? (I think the 6.5 menu setup is kinda meh)

2. Is there any NOTICABLE upgrades that come with upgrading from 6.1 to 6.5? (any new apps? new hacks? new possibilitys? ANYTHING)

3. What is the overall "Ease of Use" for 6.5?

4.Is there alot of cool themes/customizations available yet? (like 6.1)

5. Do most/all of the current apps work well with 6.5??

And finally....

What is YOUR personal opinion on 6.5?

Thanks. All responses and answers are appreciated.
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