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Re: way to disable action menus when sliding out keyboard??

Hmmmm, maybe I HAVE found a way to fix this???

Trying something...

I went into the registry

HKLM>Software>HTC>Biotouch then find App3, which by default has this Value Data: APLauncher\Windows\APLauncher.exe

I cleared the Value Data in that entry (didn't delete the Value itself, just the wording in the Value DATA field, as quoted above in orange). Then I re-booted. The TFL3D seemed to take a while to load but after it did, I didn't see any adverse problems. I wonder if deleting the entire "App3" REG_SZ value would have the same effect.

Then when I went to slide out the keyboard right away, the action menu DID come up. HOWEVER...when I started a new message or replied to one (text or email), then slid out the keyboard, it stayed right there with the message (rotated the screen, of course). No action menu came up.

I'll play with this for a while and see if it stays this way. Cross your fingers.


Still seems to work. I rebooted the phone and everything loaded normally. Slid the keyboard out while creating a new message and while replying to a message (text or email) and it stayed with it, no action menu. When NOT creating or replying to a message, sliding the keyboard out DOES bring up the action menu. IN FACT...I've noticed something else: it appears that whenever I'm DOING something in one of the tabs (i.e, opening up and viewing a contact's info in the Contacts tab, actively viewing photo(s) in the Album/Camera tab, etc.), sliding out the keyboard DOES NOT bring up the action menu. When I've simply navigated to a tab but haven't done anything in it, sliding out the keyboard DOES bring up the action menu.

So far, so good! I'll continue to play with this for a while.

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