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Re: [Sprint] Ring & Vibrate no longer sticks

Originally Posted by a_medina626 View Post
Go to the registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0]

Under there you will see this key: "Script"="apw3r

Change to "av3w3r" , save and soft reset.

The Script reads - activate device, vibrate 3 seconds, wait 3 seconds, repeat.

You can change the number of seconds to your liking, it might not be exactly what you wanted but it still gets you both vibrate and ring.

See attachment for more mods to Registry and explanations of scripts. Just remember that order is important cause it plays whole ringtone first before taking next step. I got these from a post of Rstoyguy.

Good Luck.
just curious....i was running the original sprint shipped rom...then i flashed to a 2.0 my push email no longer vibrates when i get a new message when the system volume is set to vibrate...text and incoming calls will vibrate but push email no longer used to on the stock rom...and yes...sounds and notifications are set correctly.
You live and learn....just hope you don't brick it!!!
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