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Missing pocket pc phone feature...

Hi guys, I owned a P910i before purchasing a TyTN and i have been very use to using the P910i with 1 hand - I loved it.

A few things i didn't know about pocket pcs phones (being a first time user+owner) is that as a phone... it sux.

There are many missing features in the software such as calling cards (only 1 program on the PPC market that doesn't even work under WM5) and other useful features that make using it as a mobile phone less cumbersome, especially for one hand use...

Picture this scenario.. its the most frustrating of all:

have you ever been on the phone with someone and they verbalize you a number over the phone to take down? Well in most phones you can key in while they are talking...this is great to do with one hand.

On the P910i ....if you've key in the number while they are talking... it knows that when the current call is finished you'd may want to call it... so it will automatically ask you if you wish to make that call, or just keep the number there until you decide to call. In anycase, its there so you can add to contacts, copy/past where-ever... however on a PPC phone... you cand do key in the number.... but then...the number disappears as soon as the caller hangs up - leaving you no time to get that number without having to take out your stylus, open a contact, create a note and then take the number that way.

WTF were you thinking microsoft? Does anyone know a work around for this or is it just peculiar to my TyTN running WM5?

I'd be interested to know... thanks.
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