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Originally Posted by fadywwf316 View Post
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows if NFL Mobile works on the Mogul? I have the data package that would include it but i know on my 6700, it isn't a supported phone, so I was wondering if they made it supported with WM6 and the mogul (especially now that the sprint music store too is on the mogul i think).

Also, anyone know where I can get a mogul for a half-decent price? I dont get the discount for a 2 year upgrade until december and if nfl mobile is on the phone, id love to get this asap and not wait until dec (e.g. mid-almost end of the season). Thanks for all your help!
Not sure if NFL mobile works, but I can get the NFl network through mobitv. It's not the same though. Also, if the HTC Tilt comes out soon on ATT, then I have to jump ship!! I will gladly sell you mines. It has no marks on it. I use a screen protector. So if you can wait a couple of weeks(supposedly?) their releasing it the last week in Sept, then we can talk.
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