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HTC Diamond Issues: PAM Session Disconnecting and attempting to run RUU?

Basic overview of what's going on.

Today, for some odd reason, my mobile broadband card decided to go out on me. I was connected to the web using Phone as Modem with my (Sprint) HTC Diamond. I was working with PPCKitchen's BuildOS and my phone disconnected from it's PAM session and began what I thought was a random sync. I happen to look down at the phone and it was in bootloader mode. I checked all my active windows, and nothing but internet explorer and a Microsoft Word document were opened. Nothing was downloading, and I wasnt even connected to Windows Mobile Device Center (I'm running Vista). I attempted a hard reset after about 30 minutes of leaving it in bootloader and that did nothing, so I decided to just flash back to stock.
Now, flashing back to Stock took it out of the bootloader it was stuck in so it's not really a dire situation. I was just curious as to why this happened, or if this had happened to anyone before. I tried searching the forum and couldnt find any situation with PPCKitchen like this one, and I even searched other sites (I may not have been searching the correct "keywords". If so, I apologize) I hadn't opened any RUU or even initiated a sync. I was connected Phone As Modem and it just started acting like it was trying to update.
Right before I did that I was running FuFu's ROM, I don't think that would have been any cause of that, but the more information the better for Diagnosing. Thank you for your help.
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