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infaROM v.02 [WinMo 6.5]

considering it's on every rom i've seen released && this is my first public release;; i must inform you that i am in no way responsible for any bricking/warranty voids that may be caused by flashing any rom.

infaROM v.02
  • WinMo 6.5 Beta [op. system]
  • TCPMP - [doesn't work on 6.5 :: removed]
  • Slide2Unlock2 [and Slide2View]
  • YouTube [diamond's app for vogue]
  • Opera Finger [finger friendly browsing]
  • PocketRAR
  • Google Maps
  • Microsoft Powertools [lets you choose which .net you use]
  • WVD [web video downloader - youtube, and porn lol]
  • Basic WinMo 6.5 Applications
  • CapSure 1.11 [Screen Capture to share with the forum!]
the topbar issue fixed:

features i plan on including
Throttle Launcher 1.
BBStorm interface for TL

more coming very soon;

WinMo 6.5 Today :
/ / / /

HTC Home Today :

Samsung Today 1 :
/ /

Samsung Today 2 :
i hope it looks as good to you as it does me :]

special thanks due to shadow; the only one willing to help.


sorry it won't let me do the attachment; if one of you would like to help me with that, i can have it updated for you :] i know HOW to but it won't let me.. says invalid url and i'm using that link above.. makes no sense. i know it has to be the link to the .rar file, but you get a different link everytime you click it..

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