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2 questions about TF3D links and one TXT question

just updated to mighty rom 4.16 and there are a few things that are different, wondering how to get them back.

1. I had some links below the internet tab in TF3D. Basically it was big internet button, youtube then a couple of other links on that tab. where do i go to put those back. answered in ost #4

2. programs tab. I have a program installed on the card that I am not able to choose for one of the slots on the program tab. where do I go to add this manually. I assume I make a shortcut and then choose that but I can't get it to allow me to choose individual files. I have one file that is a lnk and one that is .exe So I need a way to add both. answered in post #3

3. TXT notifications: previously when I got a txt message I would get a pop-up in whatever screen I was working in. Now it happens with email only fron one account but not from the other 2 or from txt messages. answered in post #2

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