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Tasks on the Today Screen

Hello guys. I am attempting to put a bunch of stuff in my calendar. Basically these are not appointments but rather tasks for a given day. I may have 1-3 tasks to complete each day over the next 5 months. My question is, I can not seem to figure out a way to display tasks for today on the today screen with TF3D enabled. Upon some research I learned about pocket informant and Today Agenda. However, I can not find Today Agenda and I do not think pocket informant is free. Does anyone suggest anything? Yes, i know i can go to the program tasks and it will list the tasks I have. I was looking for something a little less subtle. Turn and your screen and BOOM, you have tasks that need doing. Like I said, I am using TF3D and it only displays appointments as far as I can see. I suppose I could list them as appointments, but I rather not, as they dont have a designated time and or place, and are tasks to be completed in nature, not appointments. Anyone with ideas and links or cabs? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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