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Re: Drellisdee WM6.5 PPC Kitchen

Originally Posted by drellisdee View Post
The opening of WMP and default pics is coded into the titanium cpr's I believe so it cannot be set without modding those files. That would be a great question for the titanium weather people or the modders. Try leaving out touchflo as it will speed up the titanium.
i recooked a rom. large title bar works, although i cant find the oem for enlarge (the one with the little box that opens up). usb works fine.

and i stopped using touchflo a long time ago

also, for some reason THIS time i cooked it, the today themes worked perfectly fine. lol last time it left the bottom bar unskinned. this time it worked....

now that i got the usb connection im gonna try the customization of the titanium plugin, i got a cab that apparently does that.

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