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Re: Drellisdee WM6.5 PPC Kitchen

Originally Posted by deathmetalscottie View Post
ok this is a really n00b question but how do I load this? The last ROM I installed from Dette had it all compiled into a RUU.
haha no worries. umm...have you ever used the PPC Kitchen? if not, here are the links to the kitchen and a tutorial to use it.

from there you take the files for your phone that Drellisdee gave to us, and follow the instructions that i believe are within the core file? if not its in the other rar file. my suggestion though is to not try cooking your own 6.5 rom yet and do some 6.1 first since this is having some issues with all the OEMs, if you dont have any previous experience.

im sure one of the people trying to cook some roms right now would be happy to share with you though. I can, but I'm working out a few bugs atm.