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joshkoss is keeping up the good workjoshkoss is keeping up the good work
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Releases HERE

Spider Release 1HERE 03/13 release
21189 03/19 Final . . . . HERE
contains only os.nb no splash screens yet
Just starting to get my hands dirty[/COLOR]
]Config issue TEST 03/20/2009HERE
21193 MellowRom test3 03/23/ HERE.....
21195 Release 1 HERE 03/26[/

21198 Release1 HERE

be sure to hard reset after flashing
Hermes: All My Manilla2D/M2DLight/WinterRom/DarkWinter2! HERE

Kaiser: roms and 6.5 sweetness HERE

MY Hermes Kitchen thread (Updated 11/30/200
Donations For my sleepless work!
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