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joshkoss is keeping up the good workjoshkoss is keeping up the good work
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(UPDATE!! 03/29) Josh's Kaiser Roms+Kitchen (21198 Speed!!:))

Hey Y'all,
Just wanted to open my own thread here in the kaiser forums..
For those that don't know me, My name is Josh and I've been flashing roms on Hermes for a loooooong time.
Recently started cooking well maybe not recently but i cook in hermes, and NOW kaiser..

so first release went ok, i've been working at it and with a bit of help from Anryl got a stable 21189 build for you all...
i'm currently in the process of building and uploading it but it will be out today

so keep me bookmarked

Thanks to:
Abusalza,Kareem,Anryl,-G- u guys rock!!!!

so preview 1 is here.. it's pretty much a clean base rom with a few goodies
has close to 50 megs running with titanium..
nothing fancy just a starter rom for me to get my kitchen going
Preview 1

see post2 for linky linky

21189 Final Screenshot:

see post2 to download

21193 Test1:

21195 Version1 Thanks nhatt for the screenshots

21198 Version1 Thanks nhatt for the Screenshots again

Originally Posted by Mr. Kayne
Works smoothly with:
HardSPL 3.29
Qualcomm 7201
I've tested on radio 1.70.19

Hermes: All My Manilla2D/M2DLight/WinterRom/DarkWinter2! HERE

Kaiser: roms and 6.5 sweetness HERE

MY Hermes Kitchen thread (Updated 11/30/200
Donations For my sleepless work!
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