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adding call history tab - a question

I want to add the call history tab to my Sprint Touch Pro. It sounds simple - but I found two main methods - the main difference between the 2 being (in the 26948339 file):

<Page Order="nn" Name="" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_CALLLOGTITLE]]">

<Page Order="nn" Name="" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_CALLLOGTITLE]]"
ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\orangecalllogtrans itions.luac">

The second method also adds a section in the <DialogManager> area of the file - which to my untrained eye - look like the stuff that would make the tab functional.

Both of them seem to use the same 1d1ee632_manila file.

Is the 1d1ee632_manila file the orangecalllogtransitions.luac file? If not, does the stock TP have the file so that I have a functional call history tab?