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Re: Sprint TP on Verizon UPDATE! (NO LONGER WORKING)

I've had a Sprint TP on Verizon for about 3 weeks with no problems. Bought another one two days ago for the wife. Went through the tutorial then tried *228/3 several times yesterday with no luck. Finally called Vzw CS and tried to BS my way through getting it activated. Was finally transferred to Tier 2 Tech support and the very nice lady who I spoke to (who I finally leveled with about what I was trying to do) spent almost an hour and a half on the phone with me MANUALLY activating the second Sprint TP on Vzw! However, she never was able to get Data provisioned. Voice and text were and still are fine.

This morning however, MY TP which has been perfect for weeks, suddenly lost data and I started receiving Error 67 (?) codes and popups that told me my PowerVision (remember, I'm on Vzw) password and login were incorrect.

Hopefully this is temporary or I now have several very expensive paperweights.
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