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Re: Sprint TP on Verizon UPDATE! (NO LONGER WORKING)

Originally Posted by jmorton10 View Post
Price has nothing to do with it, VZ's network coverage is better than Sprint's period. I actually lost a business account when Sprint failed to deliver an extremely important text for something like 8 hours & the guy (who was a prick) got pissed that I was "ignoring him".........

I had Sprint for two years & had tons of problems that totally disappeared as soon as I switched to VZ. I travel all over the country on business & Sprint's network simply is not good enough for me (unfortunately, because it certainly is cheaper)

That being said, this cr@p VZ is pulling now is really puzzling. Why they would even want to block anybodies phone is puzzling as the monthly fee is where their income comes form, not hardware sales.

I am using a Sprint TP right now on my VZ account (Mighty ROM), but I will be pretty careful what changes I make from here on out.....

gonna thank ya for that. They are losing customers with htis plan at least in the pocket pc department. Looking at the specs of the rhodium verizon is getting, it won't be a world wide phone like the sprint variant (so in many respects, that seems like a cripple) but we will see...
october is my official month last for vzw. If I had extra scratch I would cancel vzw tonight...they've put me through hell
I had to return two moguls to get one refurbished debt off my account (that still isn't off), the customer service lacks more knowledge than a dog, and they have the superiority of what we say is the truth despite the fact that they all say different things and no one know what to follows.
Truth be told, would it be fair to say we know more than supervisors? Probably. Should the supervisors be aware of this? It would help. but of course it is what it is
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