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Re: Sprint TP on Verizon UPDATE! (NO LONGER WORKING)

I just recently, made the switch from verizon to sprint, for the sole reason that I wanted the touch pro, and the verizon version was ugly as hell and crippled....and so far I am completely happy with the Service and Network...No dropped calls at all, so far!
I think there should be a law put into place that says, cellular companies should not be allowed to "Force" you to buy there equipment if you already own a device that will work on their network....What if Your home telephone company was allowed to do the same! You would have to buy all new phones for your home? That would be rediculous right? Well, what is the difference? Why should cellular companies be allowed to do this?
I bought the Sprint TP figuring that if I was not happy with Sprint's service, I could always activate my phone back on verizons network...Well guess what Verizon....You just screwed yourself out of a potentual return customer!
And they wonder why there is a need for "Hacks & Cracks"


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