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Re: 3/20/09 TerSoth's ROM v1.0 w/Alltel Manila HD

What is included in the UC folder and setup toggle button to turn Wifi on/off
Badboy8813 Audio Fix- (Full Volume).cab-Turns up the volume on the device
Diamond Tweak handy utility to tweek your device active synce from running the background Hub capture program like game commander video player reader
Yota Contacts VGA ENG contact application. mapped to left soft key on home screen FreePlay-media player, youtube, podcast downloader application task switcher w/different themes. Great way to multitask!!!

How to make it work:
Unzip the folder and extract it to the root of your internal storage (after you extract it the directory for the folder should be "Internal Storage\UC1"
Now open the folder up and place the SDConfig text document in the root of the internal storage.

Now after you flash or hard reset it should install the cabs you want.
Please note that if you install all the cabs or add more to the list it may take a while to run through the customization process, this is normal.
If you want to remove cabs just delete them from the folder and delete the entry in the sdconfig.txt.
Or if you want to add cabs just add them to the folder and add the appropriate entries in the sdconfig.txt

Download UC zip here-

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