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6/27/09 TerSoth's ROM v1.5 wm6.5 w/HTC Theme + Alltel Topaz OS 5.2.21725 UC/Generic

I am not responsible for any damage that you may cause to your phone! Before flashing make sure your phone is
unlocked and you know how to flash.

A big thanks to Juicy & Calcu since these ROMs were built using their kitchens


PLEAS READ THE TOPAZ BUG LIST AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD. Even though there are several minor bugs, i feel that in its current state it IS usable for my day to day operations (just maybe not yours).

Download wm 6.5 Generic + Topaz Manila v1.5 here-

Download wm 6.5 Sprint + Topaz Manila - Tachi Dialer v1.5 here-

(If you want the the Sprint version + Tachi Dialer you can install it by looking in \Windows\Tachi_GREY_Phone_Canvas_Knop_v2d and installing the cab)
For some reason UC is broken, if someone knows a fix please let me know


Download Generic + HD v1.3 here-

Download Sprint + HD v1.3 here-


This ROM is not intended to be the fastest or the greatest.
My main objectives with the ROM are to provide a coherent user experience,
to provide a good base for you build on (I am only including the apps I believe are useful for everyone)
and to make it as stable as possible.
most of the work I have done to it is just skinning applications and the OS.


What I have changed:
xbmod hd manila or xbmod topaz manila w/Alltel theme
Changed the green in the Diamond2 keyboard to Alltel blue
Changed a lot of the icons in Opera
Custom Opera Splash Screen
Changed the default home page in Opera to the htc start page
Changed Opera to Desktop Browsing
Max tabs in Opera set to 5
Skinned the Comm Manager with Alltel blue
Skinned the wm 6.5 start menu with HTC looking icons
Skinned the lock screen with an htc looking slider
Added HTC Alltel 6.5 theme

Change log:

v 1.5

Switched to Juicy's kitchen
Updated to wm 6.5 OS 5.2.21725
(+) Tachi Phone Canvas
(+) Cover Flow Music tab
(+) Skinned YouTube app
(+) Smart Lock
(+)Push Internet Engine
(+)New Contact Card
(+)Media Tool kit
(+)Facebook Engine
(-) twikini
Updated to Opera 16702
Updated Manila Package



Changed to wm 6.5 OS 5.2.21232
Added HTC looking wm6.5 theme
Updated skyfire, twikini, facebook


Changed back to OS 5.2.21028

-Pocket Twit


Changed to OS 5.2.21042

Added Topaz Manila version
Added Facebook App
Added ActiveSync Killer
Added Pocket Twit
Added Task Facade
Added AKToggleWifiCab
Added Live Search
Added Rapid Charge Battery

Updated to Topaz Volume Control
Updated to Topaz Comm Manager
Updated to Topaz Menu Enhancements

Fixed Multiple Appointments on home screen (HD version)

Added skyfire
Added All Carrier Generic
Added UC files (2nd post)
Fixed kekyboard feedback issue (thanks Wmdunn)
Fixed Alltel.tsk not loading as default (thanks indagroove)
Fixed incall recorder (had to use s2a without curtain)
Removed top curtain in TF3D

Initial release
What is included:
Apps(all the standard OS apps plus)-
Internet Explorer 5 (from my experience 6 causes more problems than it is worth, plus skyfire is better)
NetCF 3.5
Office Mobile
Remote Desktop
Windows Live
Live Search
Facebook App
ActiveSync Killer
Pocket Twit
Task Facade
Adobe PDF
Clear Temp
Finger Menu
HTC Calculator
PHM NotePad
PHM Reg Editor
PIM Backup
Pocket RAR
Touch Response
Enlarge Start Menu
Jbed Java
Large Title Bar
Long Press End Key
Network Plugin
Random Access
Task Manager
Volume Control
Opera Mobile 15954 (without Flash 3.1-it causes it 15954 to act up. I believe I need a different 3.1 package)
HTC Album
Audio Booster
Audio Manager
FM Radio
Google Maps
VistaHide Battery Gauge

Phone stuff:
CDMA D3D Drivers
Custom Weather
In Call Recorder
White Call Log
White S2A
Diamond 2 Ezinput
Calcu's Tweaks (plus a couple of mine)
Q:I don't like the diamond2 ezinput, how do I change to a different keyboard?
A:Download the Diamond Keyboards zip at the end of the post, unzip use the task manager included to kill SIPGT_app.exe then install the cab you want.

Q:I don't like the Finger Menu application, how do I get the original menus back?
A:Go to Programs\Finger Menu and hit close finger menu then go to \Windows\StartUp and delete the FingerMenu.lnk

Q;I don't like the opera icons you included, how do I revert back to the standard icons?
A:Download the "Standard SKin" zip (do not unzip) and place it in \Windows\Opera9\Skins

Q:I don't like the zoom button in opera, how do I get rid of it?
A:Use PHM Reg Editor, total commander or your favorite reg editor and change the key HKLM\Software\Opera\Defaults set "ZoomSliderEnabled"=0

Q:I want to view the powerdeck with opera, how can I do that? (you can always use IE to access the powerdeck)
A:Open up opera type "opera:config" in the address bar. go down to user prefs. under Custom user agent type in
"Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 7.11) Sprint MP6950SP" NOTE:doing this will disable the Desktop Browsing


Facebook engine doesn't work
When in music library the last 2 songs are hidden
Cannot access clock settings by clicking on the clock on the homepage
If a favorite contact has multiple numbers, when you hit the icons below their picture it will call their first number listed (email and txt buttons do work)
When replying to a message through tf3d it will still save the message as "unread" till you select the message in the "all messages" option
When selecting a city in the weather tab the letters are scrunched up, but this doesn't affect usability
G-sensor in settings tab does nothing
"Remove" program tab softkey doesn't change. when you are done removing programs just hit remove again to stop it.
Various Landscape tabs may not be resized
There are probably some I have forgot...
If you don't like the glitches, don't use the topaz version!
These glitches CAN NOT be fixed till the released topaz manila is ported over!!

Attached Files
File Type: zip (349.6 KB, 52 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: zip Diamond (6.62 MB, 181 views) Click for barcode!

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