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Re: Installing NFSFAN's 1.06 Telus ROM from bootloader mode

Alright gang, I've managed to successfully flash to NFSFAN's 1.06 Telus ROM. I'll post all my steps here so that everyone going forward knows how to do this. It was actually pretty easy, this was my first time flashing my ROM on my phone and found all the necessary info right here on PPCGeeks.

First step, you'll want to backup all your contacts, text messages, call log, etc. I suggest using PIM Backup which you can find here: It'll save all your info into one file that you can either keep on your storage card, or backup onto your PC. I just left mine on the storage card and restored all my info after flashing everything from there, but you can save it onto your PC and copy it back onto your card if you're extra paranoid.

Note: In case you didn't already know, you're going to lose everything on your phone. Any programs you want to keep should be backed up onto your storage card or a PC.

I won't go into details about backing up your contacts, it is quite easy and you shouldn't be flashing your ROM if you can't figure out how to back up your contacts...

Once you've backed up your contacts, you need to evaluate which version of your radio you are using. This little guide is for a GPS enabled radio, of which mine was 3.41 when I flashed NFSFAN's ROM. If your radio version is lower than 3.41, I'm going to suggest flashing the HTC "official" WM6.1 ROM before you go any further in this guide to make sure you are using a suitable version of the radio. The ROM can be found here:

Updating to this version is also pretty self-explanatory. I just connected my phone to my PC via USB, made sure I had an ActiveSync connection and ran the RUU you just downloaded from the HTC site. Once you run it, do what it says and it will eventually bring your phone into "bootloader mode" (couple of bars of colors, the words "USB" around the middle of the screen if you have your PC connected to your phone via USB, "Serial" if not). You should not have any problems following the on-screen guides on your PC to finish up the official update. If you're having problems getting an ActiveSync connection, you can try going into your Device Manager on your PC and removing your PPC from the list and plugging it in again to reinitialize its detection, but this is sort of beyond the scope of what I'm trying to help out with here.

Once the "official" ROM is on, let the phone do its thing and re-calibrate the screen, set up the time, etc. Once you are able to use the phone again, you are ready to unlock. In case you were curious, your radio version should now be updated to 3.41. (Verify this in the Device Information on your PPC in Start->Settings->System).

I used iMCoKeMaN's Vogue Custom ROM v2.31 unlocker. (Thread is here: Unlockers for Custom Roms on Vogue 2.31(GPS) and 0.40(nonGPS)). You can follow his instructions. Again, quite self explanatory. Just be sure that you pay attention to the parts where you need to disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable to the phone. At the end of the process, I ran into a little snag that you may or may not run into...

The last stage in the unlocking procedure is to run the exitbl program, aptly named to get your phone to exit the bootloader. For some reason, once I got to this step my phone would automatically leave the bootloader, leaving me puzzled as to how to finish the last step in the unlocking procedure. It turns out it wasn't necessary; I just ran the EnterBootloader.exe file on my phone from the unlocker utility's archive and it showed that I had already unlocked to the proper version, 2.31.CoKe.

If your phone doesn't reset and try to calibrate itself again like mine did, that's good. It should stay in bootloader mode, according to the unlocker program instructions but if not, don't worry. At this point, you're done but to make sure you have 2.31.CoKe on, (and thus, unlocked), run EnterBootloader.exe from your phone and confirm that it says 2.31.CoKe at the top. Then, you can disable USB in ActiveSync on your PC (File->Connections Settings->Uncheck Allow USB Connections) as it says on the on-screen instructions and let the utility run exitbl.exe.

Once you are unlocked, all you have to do is flash the NFSFAN v1.06 ROM. You can find it here: Just make sure you download the Telus one. Ensure your phone is connected to your PC via USB again, and copy over the Enterbootloader.exe file from the NFSFAN ROM archive onto your phone's storage card, and run it. It'll put you in bootloader mode. MAKE SURE ACTIVESYNC ISN'T CONNECTED BEFORE YOU RUN THE RUU FILE! I don't really know why, but it says explicity in the readme to only flash the ROM from bootloader mode, so follow the instructions and make sure ActiveSync's USB connection is still disabled so that it doesn't interfere with the flashing process.

The RUU for NFSFAN's ROM is similar to the one you would have just ran for the official ROM and for the unlocker utility. Let it do its thing, and once it is done, your phone should reset and you can set it up to your liking!

Restoring your data with PIM Backup is really easy, just change it from Backup to Restore mode and browse to where you saved your backup file. Voila! Now you're set and should be pleasantly surprised at how much cooler your phone looks and acts.

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