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Keyboard slow even after reflash

I've been reading some of the keyboard/texting threads, it seems quite a few other people are running into the issue with the keyboard lagging or missing characters while texting.

This phone worked great in texting for about 4 months and I had alot of programs installed on it (I did a hard reset when it was new), So i figured it was just some of the applications and things getting cluttered up in general.

I hard reset the phone again (Using the Clear Storage option), Synced back on my contact list and installed only the Regedit program and only made 1 change (to disable sms sent notifications)

Texting was pretty responsive and fast again! For about 4 days, then is starting missing characters and lagging again.. I havent installed anything else on the phone at all.

This phone worked fine for 4 months... Is this an issue with flash memory degrading? The keyboard works pretty fast outside of texting.... I even tried disabling all the features in the keyboard control panel (auto word correct, etc.)

What's the issue with the phone if you flash it back to stock and it still lags the keyboard while texting?
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