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Re: SSL Port Number - ActiveSync + Exchange

Originally Posted by MrObvious View Post
Not really. If you have you front door closed but your back door open on your house you're just as secure. The only difference is it takes 10 more seconds to get in and out.
uhh k..

not really a great analogy used there. hackers will probably scan addresses for openings in OWA through SSL or just port 80 because these are default and the easiest to access. Chances of them scanning a random port number for OWA access/loophole is quite a bit smaller. We don't have the infrastructure, money or time to create a bulletproof firewall so this is an easier fix.

Only thing is that it doesn't work for Active Sync, I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to get it to work. I kinda of doubt it can work but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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