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Re: TP Internet sharing

z28marols1, thanks. I'll take you up on your offer to help even though I'm technically in the wrong forum.

I've made much progress since my last posting, but I'm still not there.

As I said in my last posting, I tweaked the Touch's registry such that the 2nd drop-down menu on the Internet Sharing application's page, Network Connection, is now being displayed. I then changed the drop-down Network Connection selection from Phone as Modem to Sprint PCS.

I now am able to start Internet Sharing on the Touch, select Connect to Network from the Mac's bluetooth menu, and all appears fine. Both devices say that the Mac is connected to the network. But the Mac has no IP address, and it clearly is not finding the Internet.

I'm now stuck, but I'm so close. Is there anything left to try in order to enable my Mac to connect via bluetooth to the Internet through the Touch's Internet Sharing?
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