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Re: IE With finger scroll?

yes you are correct. But if you try it, and click the 'play' button you will notice how choppy and inconstant the image refresh is. Also, if you watch the image number at the top of the radar screen <itself> top right corner, you will notice that there are frames skipped, and the image loads are horrible. Also, if you change the options in the option in the Radar to a 3 hour loop, sometimes Skyfire (and other browsers) completely skip the last 2 or 3 images all together. I mean yes.. It will def give an idea of what is going on around you, for sure.. and i'm not *****ing either <wink> Although, it would be REALLY nice to figure out what it is thats so special about NFSFAN's rom to give it finger scrolling, and such a smooth and briliant image on the radar screen. I have made a post over on XDA in his thread, so, wil see if anybody there can help figure it out. I'm going to get my hands on my buddies Vogue later tonight, and see if he'll let me flash it and see what the heck is going on. It's stupid (to most probably) things like this that just drive my my mind all crazy. lol I spent all day yesterday and the day before digging around to try and figure this out. Hopefully if my bud will let me flash his phone, it will tell me something. If not, guess i'll have to hit up the GF to distract him for a while. <g>
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