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Re: |.March 1st, 2009.| |.MightyROM 4 . 6.| |.20765 - UC - 24MB PP.|

Originally Posted by gangmobb View Post
what does Final release mean? lik i kno it means mightys guna go to v5... but lik whats differrent from V5. to V4. ? jus a general question.
"Final" means the most stable that Mighty can get it. Once a "Final" release is out for a series, you know it is perfect for everyday use. Practically everything will work.

After the 4.x series is finished, 5.x series will be new *everything*, it will be nuts. Mighty will then work on perfecting it and getting everything stable... towards a "Final" release for 5.x. Many will stick with 4.x Final until 5.x becomes more stable, or if they need to go on a roadtrip and need something guaranteed not to "crash and reflash".

However many more will jump straight into the 5.x series because when it comes out it will be much more capable and faster than 4.x. I should note that the 4.x series was actually very stable when Mighty released it at first, but nobody knew what was coming. Examples of new features that came with the 4.x series were S2A and Social Networks Engine. 5.x may feature WinMo 6.5 or HTC Footprints, or whatever new stuff comes out. It will also definitely be significantly faster than 4.x since there will be more speedup techniques applied and new SYS, etc. With the HTC Iolite and Windows Mobile 6.5 coming, this is an exciting time in TP and Diamond development.

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