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Re: TP Internet sharing

Thank you all for trying to help.

I had to do a hard reset to undo the problems caused by my frivolous installation of Internet Sharing

I then went to the page provided by prochobo, "How To Enable Internet Connection Sharing On Sprint HTC Touch Pro." This got me to the point where the 2nd drop-down menu on the Internet Sharing page, Network Connection, is now being displayed.

But that's where I'm now stuck. I've changed the Network Connection from Phone As Modem to Sprint, but I'm unable to turn on Data Connection in the Comm Manager and therefore still can't get rid of the Error 67. This may be because I'm on a Mac. Also, as z28marols1 pointed out, I'm actually on the Touch Pro forum, when I should be on the Touch (HTC Vogue) forum.

So I'll now go to the correct forum and post there. Thanks, again, for all the attempts to help.
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