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Re: TP Internet sharing

Originally Posted by macrolific View Post
I have the HTC Touch. When trying to connect my MacBook to the Touch to use the PAM via bluetooth, I've been getting the following error message:
Error code 67 Registration failure. Your PCS Vision username and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again.
I've seen lots of references to this error on the Web and in this forum, but no one really seems to have a definitive answer to the problem.

I just installed the Internet Sharing from the link on this page. Now the Internet Sharing "Connect" button on the Touch is grayed out.

So I guess I now have 2 problems.

First, does anyone know how to undo what the Internet Sharing has done to my Touch?

Second, does anyone know how to get around the "Error 67" problem I have when trying to connect my MacBook to the Internet via bluetooth by using the PAM feature on my Touch?

Here's your answer:
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