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Re: TP Internet sharing

Originally Posted by jmorton10 View Post
I would disagre 100% with that statement. I used ICS/WMwifirouter everyday for over a year in my old Titan/Moguls & it worked super.

I can't get it to work consistently in my TP to save my life....


John, it does seem your case is a little more unique... I have a touchpro and had to do nothing special besides install the cab for mine to work properly. In this case it seems the cab didnt install properly or the new settings weren't able to take affect. I've never used a touch, it is possible that the registry is slightly different for ICS than it is for the TP. If thats the case make sure you are specifically searching in the Touch forum for your answer as it will be specific for your phone. Also, if you have a registry editing program it may be worthwhile to poke around and see if a key is named a little different b/c that would break the cab. You could then get it working by making the edits manually.
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