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Diamond 2 Keyboard Spell Correct Problem

When using the new Diamond 2 keyboard, the T9 spell correct wont work with other SIPs. With the old diamond full screen keyboard if T9 was selected, the T9 would work on all other SIPs like the stylus keyboard and SPB keyboard and words would automatically spell correct. With the new diamond 2 keyboard, T9 works in other SIPs, but spell correct doesnt.

Example: Enable T9 on the Diamond 2 fullscreen keyboard. Then type the word "konda". In the black stripe above the keyboard T9 will suggest konda, kinda, and honda.

Now try this with the small stylus keyboard. If you type in "konda", the black stripe only suggests 1 word, "konda".

Ok, I know konda isnt a word but Im trying to prove that when typing in the wrong word, T9 will suggest the correct word "kinda". My point to all this is, on the old diamond keyboard, T9 would spell correct words in ALL SIPs. I use SPB keyboard as my default. I can type amazingly good with this keyboard when spell correct is working properly, but now with the Diamond 2 keyboard, it stopped working. Ive tried changing all the input settings, but nothing helps. Is there a regisrty change that can fix this?

(sorry for such a long post)
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