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Re: New, but looking for a few things...

1)piece of tape on the right side, attached to front piece side, folds under, between screen and keyboard....take it off, or serve as a purpose?
I left mine on, but thats only because I didn't realize it was there until now. Haha.

2)Can you make it make sounds where you slide open/close the keyboard?
Check this out:
I believe its also included with Juicy's current custom ROM.

3)Is there anyway, beause the area im in right now, with no signal for data, can i connect my phone through one of my PC/laptops, which use dial up as a data connection?
I think if you connect you're phone to the computer using ActiveSync, it'll share the internet connection. I'm not sure. I usually do the opposite: using the internet on my laptop using my phones connection.

4)Can you make the phone sounds/rigers everything alot louder? I tried one thing, but when I installed it, reset the phone, it didnt do anything or make a difference in the sounds.
Install the tweaked AudioPara. It's located here:
TWEAKED Audiopara.csv louder earpeice, spkphone, and BLUETOOTH WORKING!!!
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