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New, but looking for a few things...

First off, Im sorry if some of them are dumb, and if some are warez or illegal, please tell me Cause I dont know. Also, I tried doing some searching myself, but because Im on dialup right now, its very hard to do. So please dont get mad.

Im new to this phone, I had a normal touch prior to this, and just got the pro today. So I had a few questions of possibility, how to do, and wheres...

1)piece of tape on the right side, attached to front piece side, folds under, between screen and keyboard....take it off, or serve as a purpose?

2)Can you make it make sounds where you slide open/close the keyboard?

3)Is there anyway, beause the area im in right now, with no signal for data, can i connect my phone through one of my PC/laptops, which use dial up as a data connection?

4)Can you make the phone sounds/rigers everything alot louder? I tried one thing, but when I installed it, reset the phone, it didnt do anything or make a difference in the sounds.

Well crap, thats all I can think of now, I had so many more,lol.

Anyways, any help would be so greaty appreciated, Thank you in advance

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