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Refurbished Touch Pro... There here.... But nothing to be afraid of!

Well, after owing the Touch Pro for 4 months now I am now on phone number 4 with the last phone only lasting about a week and finely was useable after a month. Im not going to go into detail about how all 3 of my pros went dead but hereís what happened.

#1 would not turn on after charging over night.
#2 phone was stuck on Align Screen.
#3 screen turned off when the slide was closed put it in landscape turn it off and back on and the screen would come back on.

#3 lasted 2 weeks and it finely just wouldnít turn on at all. So after going to sprint Sunday to get a replacement and im waiting for 12 for them to open the manager comes and slaps a sign on the door saying "sorry no tech service on Sundays" I wanted to punch someone in the face but thatís another story.

So Monday comes and I go to get a new phone and they first give me **** because my cover was dyed black. So an hr goes by and they finely give me a replacement and yep you guessed it itís a refurbished pro.... but I have to say this. This phone is BY FAR the best Pro I have had. It came with some nicks in the chrome but no biggy. The phone is extremely responsive with the stock rom. I was quick shocked. The phone slides nicely keyboard works perfectly.

Bottom line is the refurbished pro is the best one i have had so far.

So if anyone else has experiences with refurbished Pro's post um up!


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