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Thumbs up $3.65 + Registry Hack = TV Out

Good news. I found the magic registry hack. With the hack, all that is needed is the original -unmodified- multi-adapter that came with the Touch Pro and a cheap ipod 3.5mm AV cable (i.e.,

Simply plug your ipod AV cable into the 3.5mm port on the multi-adapter, plug the adapter in the phone, and set the following registry entry to a value of 1:


Immediately after it is modified, the Video Out format selection will pop-up. Select the proper format for your display/TV, and it should immediately show up on the big screen in beautiful color with perfect sound.

When you disconnect the multi-adapter, the value of the registry entry will revert to 0.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apparently, not all 3.5 to RCA AV cable have the same pin-out as iPod compatible cables. You must use iPod compatible AV cables or hope that you get lucky with whatever you've got lying around.

Software Update (3/4/09):

Added a few cabs for those that don't want to search the thread. techfury90 provided EnableTVOutCab.CAB to flip the registry setting. *TVOutPopUp (OEM and cab), provided by Mylt1 and Mr. Good Cat respectively, add the TV Out Popup if your custom ROM doesn't already have it.
Attached Files
File Type: cab EnableTVOutCab.CAB (14.8 KB, 1753 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: rar OEM_TVOutPopUp.rar (121.7 KB, 863 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: cab SPJ (176.8 KB, 1023 views) Click for barcode!

Sprint Touch Pro
MightyROM 4.16

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