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Re: Change Wallpaper of ONE tab [Not Home]

Originally Posted by eenieMINI View Post
So, while you're poking... find for me how to remove the alarm and all day events from the home screen 1c684cd8_manila... I've done the other edit to clear the events but the scheduled alarm and dates show up.. I'm sure its in the above file but when I remove references (similar to I removed carrier name to get rid of the "Sprint" my screen stops scrolling up and I get a "0 Missed Calls" on the I'm taking off too much of something!

I have seen someone do that before in a picture so someone must already know how. I deffinately dont have time to do anything this week unfortainly between work and school im booked solid. Im sure other people will find it before me. What Im doing is trying to figure out all the pre defined elements of these files to figure out how to make my own screens from scratch.
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