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Re: Check your stylus!

Originally Posted by Fixup View Post
My Sprint Diamond has got 3 scratches now. For each of them, I was using the stylus that came with the phone and I actually heard and felt that scratching moment.

I though it was a hit of a dust from the air and never thought it was the stylus itself.

Today I put on a screen protector, bingo, it got lots of scratches after few minutes of stylusing! This is a cheap protector pack bought from Walmart for $5.88, it simply lets the stylus show its full potentials!

I dug out the original box and saw a backup stylus in a sealed plastic bag. This one has no problem at all, totally scratch free on the same Walmart screen.

So, check your stylus ASAP and see if you're lucky like me!

BTW, the Walmart pack of 5 is not bad at all, especially for the price and local convenience. They have printed grids, easy to cut. Each piece can be cut into 2 for Diamond; so you actually got 10, way enough for practice. I wasted two pieces until the third time I did it bubble free. Each bubble means a dust there. I also cut a piece and put it on the camera face. The free one from Sprint is very good but I messed it up while trying to get rid of bubbles/dusts. Now piece of mind, for just 5 bucks.
Sprint Diamond here, no problems with my stylus, the original one, mind you, and I use it daily. I also have the spare one that came with it, it sits on my desk at home and has never been used. Sounds like you just got an unlucky one with the phone.

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