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Re: Slow TF3D performance when using bluetooth carkit

Originally Posted by arri757 View Post
Both my Diamond and Touch Pro slow to a crawl when connected to my factory bluetooth in my bmw 3-series. All the features work, but TF3D is unusable until I turn off bluetooth. This happens with no applications open.

On the Diamond I'm Running Groovy's ROM, the Touch Pro still has the original ROM.

Also, other phones I have, Treo 700p, Centro, etc. work just fine.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? I did a search and didn't find anything...
On your 3-series do you have issues with a huge delay from when you voice dial to when your call goes through? I do voice dial and then after it says "dialing number" it's back to my radio for 20 seconds or so before it starts to connect. Same thing if I use the buttons to try to disconnect, it's like a 20 second lag. It also takes a WHILE before my phonebook shows up in the car after I get in, like 4-5 minutes. Just wondering if it's a BMW thing or a Diamond thing? I'm having Sprint send me another phone so I can test it.
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