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Need Storage Help/Advice

Last night my Diamond was running at 27.7 storage, Live Search had error in application, had to close.
SPB Backup ran automatically.

This morning, I still had Live Search error. Did Restore to Saturday's Backup, should've been running at 18 storage.

Now it is at Critical, 0 storage. Did Search under Memory, cannot find any changes, large files, etc., that is casuing this problem.

Any ideas? Really hate to do Hard Reset, but don't know where else to look.

And if I do, and I'm skeptical to do so, will probably flash Rom, nothing to lose at this time unless I brick phone. My first phone fried last week, just got this one replaced, and Sprint Service Store said if I flash Rom, they will not service which scares me.

Lastly, if I flash, which Rom do you like, I know they have differences, but please address issues in response first so I can try these.

Thank you so much.
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