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Re: WMWifirouter (yes, another thread)

You MUST make sure ICS is working before you use WMwifirouter. It does not have to be turned on (the app does this for you), however just make sure ICS is working, then you can disconnect.

For version 0.8 only: (credit to original thread at xda developers and Chainfire):

Setting up an Ad Hoc WiFi connection on your mobile device

Make sure your WiFi radio is on.
Go to Start->Settings->"Connections" tab.
Select "Wi-Fi" applet.
On the "Wireless" tab, select "Add New...".

Type any network name you would like for your Ad Hoc network (eg. WMobileAdHoc)
Make sure the "This is a device-to-device (ad-hoc) connection" option is checked.

Select the "Next" button.
On the "Configure Network Authentication" screen, select "Open" for the Authentication type, and "Disabled" for Data Encryption. For the purposes of testing, lets verify the connection works without encryption, if it does, you can modify your Ad Hoc connection properties later to enable the encryption mode of your choice.

Select the "Next" button.
Select "Finish" on the final screen.

Configuring a static IP address on your WiFi device
Go to Start->Settings->"Connections" tab.
Select the "Wi-Fi" applet.
On the "Network Adapters" tab, select your WiFi device (for the HTC Mogul this is the item listed as "IEEE 802.11b/g Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter").

On the "IP Address" tab, select the "Use specific IP address" radio button. For the IP address enter the value "" with a Subnet mask of "".

OK the dialog.

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