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Screen cracked on ~3 months old Diamond, no TEP though, what should I do?

So I was waiting for my hair cut yesterday, playing with my less than 3 months old Diamond. It dropped facing down to the carpet, surprisingly the screen cracked a bit even though it fell when I was sitting on a chair (not a huge height), and there was carpet covered indoor floor (not thick carpet though).

Anyway, 3 cracks are on the bottom left corner. Looks like they are underneath the top cover glass, since it feels smooth and looked intact on the top cover.

Unfortunately I don't have TEP on this phone and I'll have to wait until Sep this year before getting a new phone when renewing the contract. So what's my best option now?

Can Sprint repair store or HTC repair it for a reasonable price? Or I should just wait for the new phone in 6 months as everything still works on this phone so far, no loss of touch response, or other stuff.

Thanks for any suggestion.
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